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Implementing XSRF Tokens

Justin Bess :: June 5, 2018

Explaining XSRF XSRF is a malicious attack, in which an unauthorized action is taken on behalf of a client, and the server trusts that command, as if it was authenticated. There are a number of possible ways that an attacker could hijack your session and attempt to make requests on your behalf. Some exploits may […]


My retina is my password, so I’m secure There are many problems with biometric login systems, but it only needs one major issue to keep it from being useful. The major issue with biometric systems, is that, it uses part of your identity that can not be changed for authentication. This identity part, should be […]


There is a problem with your third party login system It seems to me, that developers are either overlooking the fallacy of third party login systems, or they are completely unaware of the potential pitfalls that they can cause. I know, it’s the 21st century, and we want to get things up and rolling pretty […]


Discord Bot with AI / Voice Recognition

Justin Bess :: June 1, 2018

Creating a discord bot with AI and speech recognition Here recently, I had a long time acquaintance invite me over to a Discord server. The server is intended for professional growth, team capture the flag events, and your typical information security related items. I decided that I could spark things up by creating a bot. […]


Understanding OOCSS

Justin Bess :: May 31, 2018

What is OOCSS? Object Oriented CSS is a design technique, originally proposed by web developer Nicole Sullivan in 2008. Her goal was to take some of the fundamental concepts of OOP, in languages such as Ruby and Java, and adopt them into CSS, to make CSS more manageable and dynamic. Content / Structure The first […]