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A full stack web developer with leadership experience

I am a recent web developer graduate looking for an entry level position. I have spent several years working at Amazon, one of the largest online retailers in the world. I spent my time there as an assistant production manager. In my personal and spare time, I created several independent programs, which saved hundreds of production hours a day, as well as revamped existing UI's to be more flexible, user friendly, and maintainable.


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My Life


I attended college at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Murfreesboro, TN. I graduated early, and at the top of my class, receiving a diploma in graphic design and web development. During my time in college, I was able to compete in a web development competition held via Skills USA. I received an award for winning 1st place in the state of Tennessee! I was then offered an opportunity to compete at the nashional level, but I had to decline.


Programming - I have always loved to create things from nothing. To be able to create something and share it with the world, is something extremely empowering and beautiful. This is the reason I became so passionate for programming, and why I continue to pursue web development.

Web Security - As early as I started programming, I also took a keen interest in the security of programs. As a hobbyist, I took it upon myself to learn the ins and outs of web security. I have since submitted various trouble tickets to Amazon, BNA3 regarding security vulnerabilities in their web applications, which have since been patched. I am part of staff at hackthissite.org, and helped create and lead a CTF team. Some of our writeups can be found on our team's Github Repo

Tinkering - Yeah, more brain power... I purchased a micro-controller Arduino, which I have used for several personal projects. Learning how hardware meets software to solve real world solutions, was fun and enjoyable. This has also helped me develop the skills to adapt/adopt new customs, and ways of thinking.


Justin Bess

Justin Bess